Census of the State of Illinois, 1820, Administrative Pages and Unspecified Counties

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These images were digitized from Illinois State Archives microfilm number 30-3502. The original source material is part of Record Group 103.002, housed in the Illinois State Archives. Click on one of the following links to access a digital image of a page from the State Census.

The 1820 population census, authorized under an 1819 act, was compiled in each county by census commissioners appointed by the county commissioners courts and filed with the Secretary of State (L. 1819, p. 197). Each county return includes name of county and for each household name of head of household, numbers of free white males twenty-one years of age and older, other white inhabitants, slaves and servants, and free Negroes and mulattoes. Each return also includes signature of census commissioner certifying census, date certified, and recapitulations of totals.



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