• Illinois Territory CensusImages of the Territory Census of 1818
  • Illinois State CensusImages from the 1820 State Census of Illinois
  • HistoryKat Heat MapsShows the density of population in counties for the census year.
  • County ProclamationsView the origins of counties
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HistoryKat contains digitized records and resources for local and family historians. Using a combination of images digitized for HistoryKat and related content from other sources, HistoryKat provides historical context to each record set, providing a greater understanding of why the record set was created and the environment surrounding the geographic area where the record was produced. The resources on HistoryKat are provided free of charge, although we do still maintain copyright over those portions of the site that we created specifically for HistoryKat. Where possible, we try to include any references that will assist the researcher in gaining a better understanding of the resources that they are using.

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United States Census
Second Census, 1800  •  Third Census, 1810

Northwest Territory Census
Tardiveau Contract, 1787  •  Settler Estimate, 1793

Illinois Census
Recensement, 1726  •  Recensement, 1732  •  Recensement, 1752  •  Gage's Dispatch, 1767  •  Territory, 1818  •  State, 1820



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United States
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