About Us


HistoryKat traces its roots back to 1994, when Matthew Helm introduced Helm's Genealogy Toolbox, a comprehensive list of links to genealogical and local history sites on the Internet. The next logical step after identifying links was to put content online to help individuals research their genealogy. On 13 January 2003, the Sources2Go.com site was launched. Sources2Go.com launched with over 20,000 images of original records. In July 2006, HistoryKat was launched, as a successor to Sources2Go.com. On 27 May 2008, HistoryKat, Inc. was created as a formal business entity and in October 2012, HistoryKat became part of Boneyard Creek Heritage, Inc.

The mission of HistoryKat is to digitize and place online record sets that are not traditionally the targets of the larger digitization companies. These record sets are usually smaller in size or represent a very specific population.

Boneyard Creek Heritage, Inc. was co-founded by Matthew and April Leigh Helm, co-authors of Genealogy Online For Dummies, Family Tree Maker For Dummies, The Official AOL Guide to Online Genealogy, and other books.


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