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Court of Inquiry on General Harmar, 1791

American State Papers, Military Affairs Number 4.

Northwestern Indians, Communicated to Congress, December 14, 1790

American State Papers, Indian Affairs Number 15.

Statement of Causes of the Indian War, 1792

[MHS: Pickering Papers: Broadside]

United States, January the 16th, 1792.1

Sir, AS the circumstances which have engaged the United States in the present Indian War may some of them be out of the public recollection, and others perhaps be unknown, it may appear advisable that you prepare and publish, from authentic documents, a statement of those circumstances, as well as of the measures which have been taken, from time to time, for the re-establishment of peace and friendship.

Plan for the Temporary Government of the Western Territory

The Committee [Mr. Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Jeremiah Townley Chase and Mr. David Howell] appointed to prepare a plan for the temporary government of the western territory have agreed to the following resolutions:

Resolved, That the territory ceded or to be ceded by Individual States to the United States whensoever the same shall have been purchased of the Indian inhabitants and offered for sale by the U. S., shall be formed into distinct States, bounded in the following manner as nearly as such cessions will admit, that is to say. Northwardly and Southwardly by parallels of latitude so that each State shall comprehend from South to North two degrees of latitude beginning to count from the completion of thirty one degrees North of the Equator, but any territory Northwardly of the 47th degree shall make part of the State next below. And Eastwardly and Westwardly they shall be bounded, those on the Mississippi by that river on one


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