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County Seat: Harrisonville

County Name: Named for James Monroe, Secretary of War and later President of the United States.

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01 JUN 1816337Created from Randolph and St. Clair counties



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Monroe County was formed on 01 June 1816 by Territorial Law [click here for more information]. The county's boundaries remained unchanged before statehood.

The following map shows the original size of the county at its founding (in red with yellow border) superimposed on a modern map.

Monroe County in 1816


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Census of Illinois Territory, 1818, Monroe County

The census covers Monroe county. The census includes name of county and for each household name of head of household, numbers of free white males twenty-one years of age or older, other white inhabitants, free Negroes and mulattoes, and servants and slaves.

An Act for forming a new county out of Randolph and St. Clair counties, 1816

Be it enacted by the Legislative Council and House of Representatve of the Illinois Territory' and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same ; That all that part of the country within the following bounds, viz, Beginning on the Mississippi River where the base line, which is about three fourths of a mile below Judge Biggs' present residence strikes the said River, thence with the base line untill it strkes the first township line therefrom, thence S.E. to the S.E. corner of township two, south range, nine West, thence south to the south East corner of township four, south range nine West, thence south Westwardly to the Mississippi so as to include Alexander M'Nabb's farm, and thence up the Mississippi to the be- ginning, shall constitute a sepparate county to be called Monroe

An Act to erect a new county out of the counties of Randolph and Johnson, 1816

Be it enacted by the Legislative Council and House of Representatives of the Illinois Territory, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That all that part of the counties of Randolph and Johnson included within the following bounds to wit : Begining at the mouth of Big Muddy river and running up the same to the township line between ten and eleven ; thence east with said line to the principal meridian line running from the mouth of the Ohio river; thence north with the meridian line thirty miles; thence west twenty four miles to the corner of range between four and five west of the principal meridian line ; thence south six miles to the township corner between six and seven ; thence to the head waters of the creek called Gagnic, and down it to the Mississippi ; thence down the Mississippi to the beginning, shall be a seperate and distinct county and called and known by the name of Jackson


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