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County Seat: Paoli

County Name: Named for Orange County, North Carolina.

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01 FEB 18161257Created from Gibson, Knox, and Washington counties



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Orange County was formed on 01 February 1816 by An Act for the formation of a new County out of the Counties of Washington, Gibson and Knox [click here for more information]. The county's boundaries would not change before statehood.

The following map shows the original size of the county at its founding (in red with yellow border) superimposed on a modern map


Orange County in 1816


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An Act for the formation of a new County out of the Counties of Washington, Gibson and Knox, 1815

BE it enacted by the Legislative Council and House of Representatives, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That from and after the first day of February next, all that part of the counties of Washington, Gibson and Knox, which is included within the following boundaries, shall form and constitute a new county, which shall be known and designated, by the name and style of the County of Orange; that is to say. Beginning on the Indian boundary line, where the range line dividing ranges two and three west of the second principal meridian intersects said boundary line; thence south with said range line until it intersects the line dividing the counties of Perry and Gibson; thence east with said line until it intersects the western boundary line of Harrison county; thence north with said line to the south-west corner of Washington county, and north-west comer of Harrison county; thence east with the line dividing Harrison and Washington counties, until it intersects the line dividing sections sixteen and seventeen in range two east, town one south ; thence north with said line dividing sections sixteen and seventeen to the Indian boundary line ; thence westwardly with the said Indian boundary line to the place of beginning.


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