An Act extending the bounds of the county of Harrison, 1810


WHEREAS it has been represented to the General Assembly, that it would be a public convenience to attach to the county of Harrison a small slip now in the county of Clark, on the Ohio river — therefore,

§ 1. BE it enacted by the Legislative Council and House of Representatives, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That all that tract of country contained in the boundary following, be attached to, and constitute part of the said county of Harrison, to wit: to begin at the intersection of the line dividing the fifth and sixth ranges with the river Ohio, thence with the meanders thereof to the mouth of Falling run, thence a straight line to the intersection of the range line between the fifth and sixth ranges, on the boundary of the Delaware purchase, thence with that line to the place of beginning.

§ 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Coroners, Sheriffs, Constables and Collectors of the said county of Clark, to make distress for all dues and officers fees unpaid by the inhabitants within the bounds of the said slip, as described in the preceding section, at the time this act shall take effect, and they shall be accountable in like manner as if this act had not been passed; and that the courts of Clark county shall have jurisdiction in all actions and suits pending therein at the time this act shall take effect, and they shall try and determine the same, issue process, and award execution.

§ 3. This act shall take effect from and after the passage hereof.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Legislative Council.

Approved — December 10, 1810.



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