A Resolution, 1806




WHEREAS the sheriffs of several counties in this territory failed to take in lists of the free male inhabitants of the counties as required by the twenty seventh section of the act passed last session, for levying and collecting a tax on land, and for other purposes.

Resolved therefore by the Legislative Council, and House of Representatives, The better to enable the Governor of this terri­tory, equally to apportion the additional representation to the general assembly, that the sheriffs of the counties of Dearborne, Clarke, Knox, and Randolph, shall take in a list of all the free male inhabitants of their respective counties, of the age of twenty one years and upwards, and return a list thereof to the secretary of this territory, on or before the first day of June next, and for failure thereof shall be liable to the same fine as mentioned in the above recited law, and shall be entitled to, and receive the sum of three cents per man, to be paid in the manner therein mentioned. And that the Governor be authorised at any time after receiving said returns, to issue his writ of election to such counties as may be entitled to an additional member any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

Resolved also, That there shall be paid out of the Territorial Treasury, to the several counties where the censuses have been taken the amount of the sums by them paid to the sheriffs for taking the same, in pursuance of the law passed at the last sessions of the Legislature.

JESSE B. THOMAS, Speaker of the House of Representatives,
JOHN RICE JONES, President pro tern. of the Legislative Council.

Approved--December 6th, 1806.

William Henry Harrison.

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