Contract Between the American Inhabitants and Tardiveau, 1787


Know all men by these presents that the French inhabitants of the villages of Kaskaskia and Prairie du Rocher, and their dependencies, have appointed Barthelemi Tardiveau, Esq., their agent at Congress for the purpose of claiming and obtaining for them the confirmation of their ancient rights and also other grants of land in this country of the Illinois;and that we the aforesaid inhabitants of the villages of Kaskaskia and Prairie du Rocher, and their dependencies, promise and bind ourselves, jointly and severally, as well in our names as in behalf of our male children and other persons whom we may represent, to cede, leave, and abandon in full propriety, to the said Barthelemi Tardiveau, his heirs or assigns, the tenth part of all the lands which he shall cause to be confirmed or be conceded in our favor, as a compensation for his trouble and pain, traveling expenses and other expenses;on condition that, if he does not obtain anything, he shall have no right to demand anything from us for his said expenses, troubles, and cares. It is understood that the said Barthelemi Tardiveau shall not be able to take the tenth part of the lands, which is granted him for his pay, from the tracts already occupied or which shall belong to individuals, but that the said tenth part shall be given him by the inhabitants in one or two tracts within the general concession which he shall obtain;provided, nevertheless, that the said or the two said tracts be about equal in area, and in situation similar to the rest of the land thus obtained. In witness whereof we the magistrates and other inhabitants of the villages of Kaskaskia and Prairie du Rocher, and their dependencies, have signed the present agreement and placed thereon the seal of the Court.

Done unanimously at Kaskaskia, August 27, 1787.

John Anderson
John Barten
Ebenezer Severns
David Guise
Samuel Stephenson
Wm. Smith
Josiah Ryan
Henry Smith
Elijah Smith
Joseph Stevenson
Jimmy Orr
John Porter
Thos. Green
Henry Green
Christopher Smith
John Cook
Moses Bigger
Thomas Hermon
Hugh Mc D Chisholm
William Dury
Clemment Dury
Beff Dury
James Scott
Robert Watts
James Watts
Nicholas Smith
James Moore
John Leeper
Benjamin Davis
John Moore
George Atchison
Michael Huff
John Sloughter
Thomas Clark
Laurance Hurd
James Henderson
Isaac Chalfin
Peter Casterland
Thomas Biggs
James Lemen
Henry Foster
Benjamin Ogle
Samuel Borks
Thomas Hughes
William Biggs
John Pemplin
John Vallis
Learken Reatherford
Isaac Waddle
Joseph Worley
Samuel Worley
Henry Levens
James Bryent
Able Barker
Nathaniel Hull
Ephraim Story
Henry Golden
John Ferrell
Daniel Shultze
Petter Zip
Laurence Kenen
Thomas Marrs
Charles Ohara
Samuel Kinked
William Cheney
William Oglesberry
Elisha Vannatson
Alexander Dinnis
Thomas Morgan
John Clark
W. Cook
Josiah Rundell
Seth Rundell
Joseph Cubidge
James Curry
Thomas Harmon
Jacob Mores
Iseuel Harmon
John Doyle
Robert Cochran
John Porter
Archibald MacNabb
James MacNabb
John Dodge
Tobias Brashers
William Robins
James Cincaid
David Hagan
Livig Thal
James Willey
Eusebius Bushnell
Ezra Bushnell
Salvenes Casselman
Benjamin Byrun
George Waire
George Biggs
John Tailor
Jos. Ogle
Wm. Brown
David Waddell
Jessey Waddell
Shadrach Bond
Benjamin Turner
John Marshel
Henry Mclaughlin
William Howe
James McRoberts
John Demsy
William Dove
Samuel Phyle Garetson
Robert Seybold
Jacob Groots
George Wilkinson
Charles Hood
Robert Creighton
Daniel Finane
Barnaby Mcion
Isaac C West
Garland Kerr
Charles Gill
William Balky
Robert Owen
Layton White
George Hendrick
Johnson Amerson
James Piggott
Joseph Mason
John Sulevan
Phillips David Rogers
Benjamin Rogers
Thomas Win
John Watts
Robert Redrick
John Peters
Mason Luneford
Samuel Morrison
John Cochran

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