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County Seat: Lancaster

County Name: Named for the Fairfield area around Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Boundary Changes
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09 DEC 1800804The county was created from Ross and Washington counties



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Fairfield County was created from land from Ross and Washington counties. The pictured borders were in place until 28 February 1803. The map below shows the historical borders on top of a current map.

Fairfield County in 1800


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Fairfield County Proclamation, 1800

Beginning at a point in the east line of the fifteenth range of townships, and west of the fourteenth range, as surveyed in pursuance of the ordinance of congress of the 20th of May, 1795, where the said line intersects the south boundary line of the military land, and running from thence north, until it intersects the Indian boundary line;thence returning to the before-mentioned, and running south by the said range line between the fourteenth and fifteenth ranges, until it intersects the north boundary line of the Ohio company's purchase


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