Territory Northwest of the River Ohio (territory) -- Ross (county)


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County Seat: Chillicothe

County Name: Named for Senator James Ross of Pennsylvania

Boundary Changes
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20 AUG 17986,945Created from Adams, Hamilton, and Washington counties
09 DEC 18005,6351,310 square miles was lost to Fairfield County



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Ross County was formed on 20 August 1798 by proclamation of the Governor of the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio [click here for more information]. By 1801, the county would go through one change to its boundaries before being incorporated into the State of Ohio.

The following map shows the original size of the county at its founding (in blue with a red border) and the final borders of the county after the boundary changes (in red with yellow border) superimposed on a modern map


Ross County in 1798 and 1800

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Ross County Proclamation, 1798

Beginning at the forty-second mile tree, on the line of the original grant of land by the United States to the Ohio company, which line was run by Israel Ludlow, and running from thence west, until it shall intersect a line to be drawn due north from the mouth of Elk river, (commonly called Eagle creek) and from the point of intersection running north, to the southern boundary of the county of Wayne, and from thence easterly with the said boundary of Wayne


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