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County Seat: Warren

County Name: Named for Jonathan Trumbull, Governor of Connecticut, who owned land in the area

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10 JUL 18005,324The county was created from Jefferson and Wayne counties



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Trumbull County was created out of Jefferson and Wayne Counties. The pictured borders were in place until 28 February 1803. The map below shows the historical borders on top of a current map.

Trumbull County in 1800


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Trumbull County Proclamation, 1800

Beginning at the completion of the 41st degree of north latitude, one hundred and twenty miles west of the western boundary of Pennsylvania, and running from thence by a line to be drawn north parallel to and one hundred and twenty miles west of the said west line of Pennsylvania, and to continue north until it comes to 42 degrees 2 minutes north latitude ;thence with a line to be drawn east, until it intersects the said western boundary of Pennsylvania: tbence with the said western boundary of Pennsylvania south, to the completion of the 41st degree of north latitude, and from thence west, to the place of beginning.


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