Census of Illinois Territory, 1818, Washington County

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The images found in the links below were digitized from the Illinois State Archives Roll 30-2486. The collection is part of Record Group 100.008, Territorial Censuses.

The 1818 population census of the Illinois Territory was compiled in each county by census commissioners appointed by the territorial Governor to establish the minimum population requirement for achieving statehood. Each county return includes name of county and for each household name of head of household, numbers of free white males twenty-one years of age or older, other white inhabitants, free Negroes and mulattoes, and servants and slaves. Also included are total number of inhabitants of each county, signature of census commissioner certifying census, and date certified.

Population in 1818
Free white males 21 & upwardsAll other white inhabitantsFree persons of colorServants or slavesTotalReport of Secretary in JuneReport to Convention



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Although the following map was created two years after the census, it should help with understanding where particular towns and geographic landmarks were located at the time of the census.



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