Census of Illinois Territory, 1818

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The image above shows the population of the territory in 1818 as a heat map. The deeper red areas show the highest concentration of population. The deeper blue areas show the least concentration of population.


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On 7 January 1818, the Territorial House of Representatives passed an Act for the taking of a census. Each county appointed commissioners to take the census beginning 1 April 1818 and finishing by 1 June 1818. The commissioners were required to visit each dwelling and any free person over of the age of 16 was required to respond. At the same time as taking the census, commissioners were also charged to create a list of taxable property. Just three days later, the House of Representatives passed another Act requiring that the census be expanded to include anyone moving into the Territory until 1 December 1818. This was done so that the population could be counted towards statehood.

Returns are included for the following counties: Bond, Crawford, Franklin, Gallatin, Jackson, Johnson, Madison, Monroe, Pope, Randolph, St. Clair, Union, Washington, and White. Edwards County -- no returns for 1818 are extant except that the supplementary census for Washington County contains also that "from the detached parts of Edwards Co. on the maridian line joining Washington." Madison County -- at the end of the enumeration of families the census commissioner adds a note to the effect that there are 980 souls at Forts Crawford, Armstrong, Edwards and Clark. As this is obviously an estimate, if not frankly padding, this figure 980 has not been added in, though included in the secretary's report. Fort Crawford was located at the mouth of the Wisconsin River, north of the Illinois boundary as set by the enabling act. Pope County -- sixty-four "blacks" are added to the total without indication of family connections or status as slave or free. Randolph County -- only the "additional census" schedules are extant. St. Clair County -- the manuscript for this county has been partly destroyed by fire. The names beginning with A to E and part of those beginning with F are entirely missing; also about thirty-one names and many figures from the bottoms of the pages as indicated. The total of the extant figures in the first four columns is 3196, and of the extant figures in the "totals" column, 3110.


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Population in 1818
CountyFree white males 21 & upwardsAll other white inhabitantsFree persons of colorServants or slavesTotalReport of Secretary in JuneReport to Convention
St. Clair67623933988319645195039

Additional Census
CountyFree white males 21 & upwardsAll other white inhabitantsFree persons of colorServants or slavesTotal


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