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County Seat: Vincennes

County Name: Named for Major General Henry Knox, United States Secretary of War

Boundary Changes
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20 JUN 1790109,913Created from unorganized areas
15 AUG 179659,61050,303 square miles was lost to Wayne County
22 JUN 179856,1773,433 square miles was lost to Hamilton County
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Knox County, Territory of Indiana (1800-1816)



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Knox County was formed on 20 June 1790 by proclamation of the Governor of the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio [click here for more information]. By 1800, the county would go through two changes to its boundaries before being incorporated into the Territory of Indiana. Click on a date in the table above to see a map of how the county looked on that date, as well as, the authority changing the boundary (if available).

The following map shows the original size of the county at its founding (in blue with a red border) and the final borders of the county after the boundary changes (in red with yellow border) superimposed on a modern map


Knox County in 1790 and 1798

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Knox County Proclamation, 1790

Beginning at the standing Stone Forks of the Great Miami River, & down the said River to its Confluence with the Ohio River, thence with the Ohio River to the small Stream or Rivulet above Fort Massac—thence with the Eastern Boundary Line of St Clair County to the Mouth of the Little Michilmakinac, thence up the Illinois River to the Forks or Confluence of the Thekiki & Chikago, thence by a Line to be drawn due North to the Boundary Line of the Territory of the United States, & so far Easterly upon said Boundary Line, as that a due South Line may be drawn to the Place of Beginning— Should be a County by the Name & Style of the County of Knox

Alteration in the Boundary of Hamilton, Wayne, and Knox, 1798

The Western boundary of the County of Hamilton shall begin at the spot on the bank of the Ohio River where the general boundary line between the lands of the United States and the Indian Tribes, established at Greeneville on the third day of August 1795 so intersects the bank of that River & run with that general boundary line to Fort Recovery;and from thence by a line to be drawn due north from Fort Recovery until it intersects the Southern boundary line of the County of Wayne, and the said line from the Ohio to Fort Recovery and from thence to the southern boundary of the County of Wayne shall also be the eastern boundary of the County of Knox

Alteration of the Boundaries of Hamilton County, 1792

Whereas by the Ordinance of Congress of the thirteenth of July one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven for the Government of the Territory of the United States North west of the River Ohio It is directed that for the due Execution of Process civil and criminal the Governour shall make proper Division of the said Territory and proceed from Time to Time as Circumstances may require to lay out the Parts of the same where the Indian Titles shall have been extinguished into Counties and Townships


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