Alteration of the Boundaries of Hamilton County, 1792


February the 11th 1792

By the honourable Winthrop Sargent now vested with all the Powers of the Governour and Commander in Chief of the Territory of the United States North west of the River Ohio.

To all Persons to whom these Presents shall come Greeting—

Whereas by the Ordinance of Congress of the thirteenth of July one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven for the Government of the Territory of the United States North west of the River Ohio It is directed that for the due Execution of Process civil and criminal the Governour shall make proper Division of the said Territory and proceed from Time to Time as Circumstances may require to lay out the Parts of the same where the Indian Titles shall have been extinguished into Counties and Townships

And Whereas there are Settlements in that Tract of Country lying and being between the Scioto and little miami Rivers, incompetent, in their present State of Population, to form a separate District and deprived of the Blessings and Privileges of the due Administration of Justice and the Laws of the Territory

For Remedy whereof and to extend the Efficiency of Government I have thought proper to annex the same to the County of Hamilton And in Consequence of Powers vested in me Do decree such Alterations in the Boundaries of the said County of Hamilton, established by his Excellency Governour St Clair upon the fourth Day of January Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninety as shall embrace all the Settlements upon the Lands before mentioned and bestow full and equal Operation to the Laws in that Part of the Territory

And I have therefore ordained and ordered And by these Presents do ordain and order that all and singular the Lands lying and being within the following Boundaries Viz:

Beginning at the Confluence of the Scioto with the Ohio River and up the Scioto River with the Courses thereof to the upper Part of the old lower Shawane Town upon the said River—thence by and with a Line to be drawn due north to the territorial Boundary Line and westerly along said Line to the eastern Boundary of the County of Knox and down along the said Eastern Boundary of Knox County by a due South Line to the standing Stone Forks of the great Miami River and with the said Miami to its Confluence at the Ohio River—thence up the Ohio River to the Place of Beginning

Shall constitute and be erected into one County and continue to be known by the Name and Style of the County of Hamilton And the said County of Hamilton shall have and enjoy all and singular the Jurisdiction Rights Liberties Privileges and Immunities which it has heretofore enjoyed or which any other County that may hereafter be erected and laid out shall and ought to enjoy conformably to the Ordinance of Congress before mentioned

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and caused the Seal of the Territory to be annexed this Eleventh Day of February in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundredand ninety two and of the Independence of the United States the Sixteenth

Winthrop Sargent Secretary

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